Developmental Screening

How a child learns, plays, communicates, moves and behaves all provide clues about their development. A delay in their developmental milestones can provide signs for developmental challenges. Early intervention services can make a difference in your child’s progress.

To learn more about your child’s development, you can take your child to a free or low-cost early childhood screening. Early childhood professionals will check your child’s overall growth, including vision and hearing. They will also play games with your child and ask questions to better assess their thinking, learning and language skills. The screening will provide you with valuable information about your child’s development. If developmental delays are identified, a more detailed exam will be conducted.

Since rapid learning and growth occurs during the first five years, early detection of developmental delays is important. Early education professionals recommend that children be screened between the age of 3-5 years. Early detection allows children and families to receive support before the child enters kindergarten. If concerns are identified, the specialist will provide resources and services to support your family.

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