Episode 505: Shot in Summer 2015, first aired in February 2016

Where? That’s what we thought. Just make your way to Brass Ball Corners. Of course if you’re not a local, you’re still lost. So google Wilmot, Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, Salem, Bristol… These towns and others west of I-94 within Kenosha County make up the area now known as Westosha.

But even once we got there we weren’t always sure where we were. Rural Wisconsin? Lake Country? Key West Florida? Small Town USA? 16th Century England? Within Westosha, you can feel like you are in any or all of those places.

What did we find? Cheese, lakes, horses, winged sprint cars, more cheese, charming small towns, more horses, waterskiing nuts, great food, the Ren Faire, scenic views that stole our breath away and people who stole our hearts.

While we were in Westosha, we often heard people describe it as the quiet side of Kenosha County. Well, John enjoyed everyone we talked to so much that he’s decided to stop in more often. So be warned: it might not be the quiet side of Kenosha County for long!