Episode 308: Shot in Summer 2013, first aired in February 2014

Wausau is our first “half-and-half” community — we shot half of the episode in the winter when it was zero degrees, and the other half in the summer when it was 100! But with extreme temperatures came extreme fun. John didn’t know of the many things there are to do in Wausau that start with “snow.” You can tube, board, shoe, sculpt, mobile, ball and cone (think about it…). And then there’s “ice” — skate, fish, race, curl and cream (that one was easier). And of course in summer, when all that melts, you have rushing waters perfect for kayaking and a mountain (well, a big hill really) perfect for hiking, biking and exploring. But we didn’t stay outside for the whole episode. It’s comfortable year round at Carmelo’s Supper Club, the Woodside Art Museum, Bull Falls Brewery, The Grand Theatre and Back When Café. This episode has the distinction of being the most heavily “McGiverned” episode yet — it’s just about bursting with McGiverns!