Waupaca / Chain of Lakes

Episode 204: Shot in Summer 2012, first aired in January 2013

There’s nothing like going “up north” in Wisconsin in summer. And where is that, exactly? It may be different for you, but when John McGivern was a kid, “up north” was where his family would vacation. So for this episode, John goes back to Waupaca Chain of Lakes and finds it as relaxing and friendly as ever. We found idyllic cottages along the banks and boats of all kinds in the water. And the people who own them… they are so lucky! In Waupaca (that’s a city), discover charming businesses like Freckled Frogg and Furniture by Todd. In King (that’s a town), be moved at the Veterans Home. In Rural (another town), visit with a life-long resident, and at Camp Onaway (that’s an island), envy the joy of youth. Summer in Wisconsin doesn’t’ get any better than this!