Episode 605: Shot in Summer 2016, first aired in February 2017

If Norway is on your travel list but not in your budget, start with Stoughton! This idyllic Dane County Wisconsin gem wins the award for most ethnic joy. While Stoughton celebrates its Norwegian roots, there’s also plenty to do and see that doesn’t require you know how to pronounce Syttende Mai. Now John knows that Naugahyde is a made here by a company that everyone thinks makes tires. He knows that Lutefisk, when prepared correctly by the Hanson brothers, is delicious! And he knows that if this TV thing doesn’t work out, he could take up rosemaling. Watch, and you’ll know why Stoughton should be on your travel list for its own sake!

(But if you come and only see the creepy statue of the Norwegian troll lady with the giant feet and rolling pin down by the river, or the remote controlled, smoke-expelling dragon at the Viking Pub, your trip would be worth it – honest!)