Sheboygan Falls and Kohler

Episode 304: Shot in Summer 2013, first aired in January 2014

Like John says, this little pocket of Wisconsin is everything a Mainstreet Community ought to be! He went from longingly exploring the American Club and the Design Center in Kohler, to walking in awe through the aisles of Evans in Sheboygan Falls. (And if we wouldn’t have threatened him, he’d still be in Evans!) And while John Gurda was researching the history of the area, the ladies at the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center were digging into John McGivern’s history. This episode offers pickelball, music, vinyl, popcorn, great food, golf, churches and more. It’s no coincidence that the world’s best known manufacturer of toilets is just miles down the road from the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet seats. See? These two towns really do go together!