Episode 411: Shot in Summer 2014, first aired in March 2015

If you know what a Hodag is, you’re from Rhinelander. John is not, so he went on a weeklong hunting trip looking for a live one. No luck finding a real Hodag, but tons of luck finding great people and creating some cherished memories. Wait until you see John drive the big rig at Ponsse North America. He won’t be forgetting that anytime soon! Nor will he forget how amazed he was to see those massive paper rolls at Expera Specialty Solutions, and to discover LiveAquaria (who knew?) at Doctors Foster and Smith, or how yummy it was to eat the fruits of his labor at Joe’s Pasty Shop. He might recall the many opportunities presented to him to catch fish, but what he’ll really remember is just skipping right to the eating of the fish at The Rhinelander Pub & Café. We tried really hard to get John to play snowshoe baseball, but he didn’t want a broken ankle to remind him that it’s not a great idea to run in snowshoes unless you’ve practiced! Before we brought John to Rhinelander, he had never even heard of a Hodag. Next we’re looking for a community whose mascot is a Snipe…