Episode 404: Shot in Summer 2014, first aired in January 2015

Overachieving. That’s what the “O” in Oshkosh stands for! Yep, we found the famous stuff in Oshkosh that all Wisconsinites know about – EAA, Hughes Chocolates, Silver Star Brands (Miles Kimball), Oshkosh Truck. But then we were introduced (by our dear friend Amy Leach) to Julie’s Touch of Silver (so NOT what you’re thinking), Lakeside Plastics (NOT producing what you expect) and Ardy & Ed’s (EXACTLY what you long for!). Maybe you do know that Oshkosh is on the largest inland lake in the state and is home to the Miss Wisconsin Pageant every year. But unless you live there, you have never seen an overachieving YMCA like this before! We promise: this episode is going to surprise you. It sure surprised John. The city has changed and grown some since his college days spent at the U of Oshkosh. Hmm… 40 years can do that, John!