Episode 402: Shot in Summer 2014, first aired in January 2015

In Green County they say, “cheese is life!” And there is a lot of Swiss (cheese, people and cows!), but for you shoppers, there’s more for sale than just cheese. Need a robot, or a drive-in movie ticket, or some homemade soap, or how about some of the best food we’ve ever tasted? For you animal lovers, Monroe offers more than cows. We found prehistoric sheep (for real!) and purple martins (we know – not an animal, a bird). And for those of you looking for a new hobby, you’ll be inspired by the mystery writer who doubles as the mayor, the town clown and more than 100 accordion players who accompany the Monroe City Band. Without a doubt, Monroe has the best court house we’ve seen and the best yodeler we’ve ever heard, and the best Limburger John’s ever tasted (OK, it was his one and only taste, but he might eat more someday). No doubt: Monroe is a town that can stimulate all the senses!