Mineral Point

Episode 202: Shot in Summer 2012, first aired in January 2013

If you knew that Mineral Point was the birthplace of Wisconsin, you are either a resident of Mineral Point or John Gurda! We did anticipate that it wouldn’t be called Mineral Point if it weren’t for minerals, so we couldn’t wait to visit Merry Christmas Mine and the Pendarvis Historic Site. But we quickly learned that the main attraction today isn’t zinc, it’s art. There’s weaving, potting, acting, singing, sculpting and glass making, not to mention cheese making. Don’t laugh – the cheese that comes out of Hook’s is art in and of itself! We discovered one of the great opera houses left in Wisconsin, the most friendly mailman you’ll ever meet, and the only library we’ve ever been in that encourages graffiti. All that and so much more in this charming, hospitable and well preserved community.