Episode 508: Shot in Summer 2015, first aired in February 2016

There is no truer definition of “North woods” than the area of northern Wisconsin that includes Hayward. There are two kinds of people you’ll meet “Up North” — those who want to relax and those who don’t. No matter which type you are, Hayward is the right place. You can enjoy all the conveniences of a great city, and then be in total wilderness in less than 20 minutes from downtown Hayward.

We started – where else? – in the shadow of the giant fish at the National Freshwater Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame. The first thing John realized is that there are two ways to spell the name of the type of fish that the sculpture represents: Muskie or Musky, depending on who he talked to. But in the end, it doesn’t matter because anyone lucky enough to catch one spells it T-R-O-P-H-Y!

There are two preferred ways to get around in Hayward — by boat or by skis. There are two kinds of wood workers — those who use tools to make furniture and those who use chainsaws to make art. There are two kinds of lumberjacks at Fred Sheers — the winners and the losers. There are two kinds of residents — summer (the majority) and year round (the minority). There are two kinds of housing — cabins in the woods or cabins on a lake.

It took all week, but John did master the spelling of “Birkiebeiner”: B-I-R-K-I-E! He also changed the spelling of Hayward to H-E-A-V-E-N!