Fort Atkinson

Episode 503: Shot in Summer 2015, first aired in January 2016

We wish you could have seen John’s face when he experienced Fort Atkinson for the first time. When we walked into Nasco’s demo room where health care professionals were practicing life-saving skills on realistic looking body parts, his chin hit the floor. When he saw the fence around the rock that marks the spot of Atkinson’s original fort, his eyebrows furrowed with puzzlement. When we told him to get in the canoe, his eyes widened with joy. (John Gurda’s widened with fear!) When he slid down the slide at Busy Barns Adventure Farm, his smile was ear to ear. But when they put a goat in his lap, well, let’s just say that his expression changed to one of panic! When he heard Bill sing at Café Carpe, his eyes closed in serenity. And when he tasted the sweet potato soufflé at The Fireside Dinner Theatre, his mouth watered with sheer joy.

Fort Atkinson made John even more expressive than usual — and that’s not easy to do!