Eagle River

Episode 601: Shot in Summer 2016, first aired in January 2017

Eagle River stole our hearts. This is a community that has really figured out how to work, live and play all year long. Claims to fame? Eagle River is home to largest freshwater chain of lakes in the world, is the snowmobile capital of the world and the hockey capital of Wisconsin. Outdoor enthusiasts know all that, but John didn’t. Are you surprised?

What John did know are friends who come to play here only in the winter and others who come only in the summer, so he decided it would be necessary to experience both seasons. Oh, he experienced two extremely different seasons, all right! It was 6 degrees below zero and windy in January and 92 degrees and humid in August. And the truth is, the whole crew loved every minute. The kind people and beautiful scenery year round more than made up for a few lost toes! What a wonderful place to start our new season.