Chippewa Falls

Episode 309: Shot in Summer 2013, first aired in March 2014

Chippewa Falls’ roots are literally roots — of the white pines that fed the world’s largest lumber mill and put Chippewa Falls on the map. Well, the lumberjacks may be gone, but John learned very quickly that the hard working, harder playing character of Chippewa Falls is still alive and well. Know what else he learned? Leinenkugel’s started here in 1867 to serve the thirsty lumberjacks. The supercomputer was invented here by Seymour Cray. The largest dog park and the second oldest zoo in Wisconsin both call this city home. And the Yellowstone Trail runs right through Chippewa Falls. Right? John was impressed, too. But as you probably know by now, John isn’t most impressed by just the facts. It’s the residents that put the smile on his face – and the knowledge that he didn’t have to have a membership to get into the local supper club! As this episode shows, Chippewa Falls is not for members only — it’s for everybody!