Episode 409: Shot in Summer 2014, first aired in March 2015

John and the crew finally made it to the very northern tip of Wisconsin. Bayfield sticks out into what is by volume the largest freshwater lake in North America – the third largest in the world! That’s why it’s called Superior – did you know that? (Yes, we learned that from John Gurda.) So you’d expect to go fishing, swimming, boating and kayaking, right? But how about doing all that surrounded by 22 islands? Yes, islands. It’s like our own Caribbean, only colder. In fact, in the winters when the conditions are right, there are ice caves – and people come from all over the world to see them. In summer, you can take the ferry, like John did, and explore the largest island, Madeline, by bike, car or foot. When John found the Madeline Island Art School, he wanted to enroll right then and there. But there’s plenty to do back in Bayfield, too. You’ll find good food at Ethels at 250, great entertainment at Big Top Chautauqua, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a ghost or two as you explore the cemeteries. (Hint: go with Mrs. Currie Bell. She died in 1882 and has the inside scoop!) Or just relax, be a tourist, and soak up the New England-like atmosphere. If John could figure out a way to shorten the drive, he’d spend every summer weekend in Bayfield!