Episode 401: Shot in Summer 2014, first aired in January 2015

Plymouth is a community of Makers: Sargento makes cheese, Drewry Farms makes maple syrup, artists make art (don’t say it – duh!), Plymouth Foam makes those giant foam airplanes, Shelly makes cupcakes, a myriad of volunteers help Linda make Camo Quilts, Road America makes John’s adrenalin pump, Allechant Boutique makes men long for the good old days, and John Gurda, by asking us to meet him at a Giant Cow, made our day! Know what else is made in Plymouth? Friendships, fun and a lasting impression that will always bring a warm spot to our hearts – which is a good thing since it was about 20 degrees when we started shooting. But still, we couldn’t have asked for a warmer start to Season 4. Plymouth is like a favorite sweater – comfy cozy!