Episode 509: Shot in Summer 2015, first aired in March 2016

Well, let’s see. There’s a village, a city, a lake and a high school all named Pewaukee. What’s next, Pewaukee County? Well, John did find Pewaukee the State — of mind, that is – and it’s friendly, fun and relaxing.

“Friendly” perfectly describes Connie Watt (yep, JJ’s mom), the folks at American Transmission Company and the owner and grandson of Century fence. Actually, we could put everyone we met in this category…

But “Fun” is the only way to describe Silly Willyz!

“Relaxing?” Well, it was relaxing when John went fishing off the pier at Smokey’s Bait shop and puttered around the lake on Loerhke’s incredible pontoon boat. But it was not so relaxing when he got the MPTV van towed by Ken Weber, or when he appeared in front of Judge Melissa Murray. It was relaxing when he smelled the alligator (with no alligator in it) meatloaf at the Beer Depot and when he sat back and enjoyed Louie’s famous fillet at The Butler Inn of Pewaukee. It was not so relaxing when the firefighter driving the hover boat moved over to let John drive…