Episode 311: Shot in Summer 2013, first aired in March 2014

As John says, Oconomowoc will make you jealous. Wait until you see the homes and the lakes (and the homes on the lakes) and the Batmobile! No kidding — Batman and Robin live here, didn’t you know? Then maybe you also don’t know that in Oconomowoc you’ll find: The oldest complete stained glass window at Oakbrook Esser (and the other unbelievable windows that Paul makes); Sacred Indian Lotuses that only exist in the U.S. just off Terry and Dirk’s pier in Lac la Belle; A marble dog bathtub in the Marjorie Ward estate; The more than 100 million sq. ft. (not a typo!) Roundy’s distribution center; and Brownberry Bread being made at the rate of 180 loaves a minute! In downtown Oconomowoc, kids can learn to cook, adults can mediate and worship, horses can be outfitted and, of course, everyone can eat. See? John was right — but don’t be jealous, just settle in and enjoy this hard to spell town in the heart of Lake Country. Yes, Oconomowoc already has a lot of O’s, but let us add one more: O-utstanding!