Menomonee Falls

Episode 403: Shot in Summer 2014, first aired in January 2015

So Menomonee Falls is a village. Sounds small, right? Wrong! This village is giant, and is home to some really big things. Kohls is a big employer and since John is a big shopper, he was happy to get big savings at the local store. The Menomonee Falls Little League is the biggest in the state. The garden scale train set at Shady Lane is the biggest in the Midwest. There’s big attraction for history fans at Old Falls Village, and a big opportunity for creative types at Just Kiln Time. The synchronized swimming team and their coach are a truly a big deal. The neighborhoods have big community spirit, and the menu at Harvey Moys? Need we say it? Of course it’s Ernie Von Schledorn’s jingle that made Main Street in Menomonee Falls a destination, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask: Who do you know wants to go to Menomonee Falls? We do! And after seeing this episode, you will too!