Episode 611: Shot in Summer 2016, first aired in March 2017

If all you know of Horicon is that there’s a Marsh here, then you have did) a lot to learn. Truth is, the Horicon Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary – loved and known by bird and wildlife lovers throughout the world – deserves all the acclaim it gets. But even though the Marsh stole our hearts (what a remarkable place!), the City of Horicon steals the show.

The John Deere Horicon Works is a shining example of this community’s ability to retain big-time manufacturing, but the smaller business here are no less impressive. Horicon Bank and Leroy Meats are stars in this community. Sure-Fire Inc., Family Chiropractic and the Rock River Tap are trusted Horicon staples. And the experiences we had at the Satterlee Clark House and Horicon Marsh Boat Tours will be remembered as standouts of season 6.

Just one question: Does John have to wear the rubber hip waders to be considered an honorary Marshman? (He’d be happy to…)