East Side

Episode 412: Shot in Summer 2014, first aired in April 2015

“You can’t go back.” Really? John did – and loved every minute rediscovering the East Side of Milwaukee neighborhood in which he grew up. And in our attempt to find the locations of some of John’s most cherished childhood memories, we found some really great new places, too. He couldn’t wait to walk us through his paper route. Lisa’s Pizza is still there, and still great. The pharmacy isn’t, but Clark Graphics is. And even though a lot of the businesses on Oakland have changed, John still gets the same “at home” feeling when he walks that street. The parks he remembers are, thankfully, still there. Lake Park is still gorgeous, and now John can actually walk on the lawn bowling green without being chased off by the park attendant! Riverside Park, however, has changed because apparently there’s a whole hill missing. Our long, hot search for the infamous “suicide hill” that scarred John forever was fruitless! This beloved Milwaukee neighborhood inspired the most nostalgic week we’ve ever spent with John. And perhaps one of the longest. Everywhere we went we had to listen to John’s childhood stories. And believe us, he has a really long memory! (Which we love, by the way 🙂 )